The House That Tech Built Company Highlight: Praxent’s Response To The Austin Housing Crisis

August 9, 2019

Local Tech Company Praxent Launches “Care Deeply” Initiative with 2019 Sponsorship of The House that Tech Built

Like any other city with manifold economic and lifestyle attractions, Austin is facing the challenges that come with a swelling population and booming industry. Unlike other cities, though, Austin is famous for doing things a bit differently — “weird,” you might say.

With housing and rental prices rising and the gap between the “haves” and “have-nots” continually widening, it remains to be seen whether Austin will live up to its own standard of hospitality. Do we make changes and make room for those who wish to call Austin home? Or do we allow the situation to deteriorate into Silicon Valley proportions?

Together with Austin Habitat for Humanity, local tech companies and other nonprofits and businesses across the city, we face an incredible opportunity to join together and do what we do best: innovate and solve.

Not Another Silicon Valley

For Austin-based digital innovation agency, Praxent, the housing crisis emerged as a chance to fully embrace a radically different response to community needs.

Last November they reached a significant financial milestone. Shortly after the achievement made its mark on financial charts, the agency’s executive team circled up and discussed ways to reflect on and celebrate the victory as a company.

A fly on the wall would have heard the conversation go something like this:

“My last company threw a yacht party to celebrate its first million. What if we do something like that?”

Silence ensued as the group considered their options. Extravagant generosity seemed appropriate; yet, something about the yacht idea didn’t jive with the heartbeat of those present and those at work in the next rooms over.

Another voice chimed in: “Maybe we should think outside the box?”

“I agree. What can we do that’s really meaningful? An investment of sorts, rather than blowing thousands on entertainment that we’ll momentarily enjoy then forget after a week back at work?”

The team finally reached a consensus: This would be the first event in a yearly series of celebrations termed the “Care Deeply” initiative — abundantly generous investments of time and money into long-term solutions that address community needs.

Strategic Support for Austin Families

With the Austin housing deficit looming near crisis mode, the company agreed to direct its first round of support toward families in need of homes. Austin’s Habitat for Humanity stood out as a worthy partner.

Praxent’s desire to turn their gift into an investment with future impact matched up perfectly with the local chapter’s commitment to creating sustainable solutions and their approach to coaching families toward independence.

After a kickoff meeting and further discussions to iron out the details, Praxent emerged as one of Austin Habitat for Humanity’s corporate sponsors for The House that Tech Built, a yearly home-building project funded and staffed by local tech companies.

The gift included substantial monetary support, two weekdays of paid time for the whole company to join the building efforts on-site, as well as two additional days for company members to volunteer on their own time. In all, Praxent’s contribution to the project spanned four months from March to June, 2019.

About Praxent

“Care Deeply,” is one of five core values Praxent strives to put into action on a daily basis. Learn more about what makes Praxent a great place to work and explore current job openings — from project manager to UI designer.

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