ReStories: Upcycled Geometric Terrarium

April 15, 2019

An elegant, easy DIY to bring a beautiful touch to your home’s interior.

Inspired by 21 Easy Ideas for Adorable DIY Terrariums.


  • 1 Geometric Light Fixture from the ReStore (make sure there will be something to hook chains onto)
  • 1 Utility Hook w/ Drywall Anchor
  • 1 Drill (for mounting utility hook)
  • 2 – 3 Handfuls of Horticultural Charcoal
  • 1 Bag of Potting Gravel/Aquarium Pebbles
  • 1 Bag of Potting Soil
  • 1 Golden Pothos Ivy (or any other plant you choose!)
  • 1 Hanging Lantern Chain
  • Optional: Pliers (for cutting lantern chain)


  1. Wipe down inside and outside of light fixture with a damp cloth.
  2. Put down a thick layer of potting gravel. Aquarium pebbles serve a good substitute for potting gravel in case the gravel is difficult to find.
  3. Layer a thin coat of horticultural charcoal atop the potting gravel.
  4. Add potting soil on top of the charcoal, making sure there’s enough soil to cover the plant roots and allow room for 1 inch of growth.
  5. Plant the golden pothos ivy in the layer of potting soil.
  6. Determine where you’d like to hang your plant and use the drill to mount the utility hook to the ceiling, following any additional instructions provided by the utility hook packaging.
  7. OPTIONAL: Cut hanging lantern chain to even, desired lengths using pliers to unhook links.
  8. Attach one end of the chains to the light fixture, and attach the other end to utility hook. and enjoy your new geometric terrarium!

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