Housing Counseling

Part of Austin Habitat for Humanity’s promise is to ensure long-term housing solutions for each family we serve. This includes helping ALL Austin families, not just Austin Habitat families, stay out of debt and protect their assets and their home.

A solid educational foundation can help families repair credit, climb out of debt and achieve or preserve their dream of homeownership.

Not sure if you’re ready to buy a home?

Need help repairing your credit or setting a budget?

Already own but struggling with your mortgage payments?

We can Help

How it Works

Our Housing Counseling Manager meets one-on-one with families to assess their financial situations, discuss options and develop plans designed to fit their unique needs. With this plan, families get out of debt, stay out of debt and stay in their homes!

We help families:

  • Learn about the home purchasing process and how to avoid predatory lending practices.
  • Learn how to execute a proper budget so they can save for the home of their dreams.
  • Learn to improve their credit and better prepare their finances for a mortgage.
  • Learn tips to maintain the upkeep of their home and improve equity.
  • Develop plans for those in danger of foreclosure.

We also help with:

  • Financial and budgeting counseling
  • Credit counseling
  • Pre-purchase education
  • Post-purchase education and counseling
  • Foreclosure intervention
  • Income analysis
  • Budget analysis
  • Individualized work-plans and follow-ups

For more information or to set up an appointment, call Bertie Samilpa at 512-472-8788 x122 or email bsamilpa@austinhabitat.org.


Contact Bertie Samilpa at bsamilpa@austinhabitat.org or 512-472-8788 x122 to find out more details about our upcoming homebuyer and financial education classes.

Financial Planning

Are you interested in planning for your financial future – buying a home, supporting your children’s education, planning for retirement, or just getting a clearer picture of your finances? Austin Habitat for Humanity, in partnership with the Financial Planning Association of Austin and the Foundation for Financial Planning, is offering FREE confidential counseling and group education to help you prepare for the future.

Sign up for a planning session below.

Financial Planning Inquiry

Homebuyer Education Courses

Not sure if you’re ready to buy a home? Do you have questions about credit scores and how you can keep yours on track? Want help setting a budget? We are here to help, whether you’re an Austin Habitat homeowner or not.

Contact Bertie Samilpa at bsamilpa@austinhabitat.org or 512-472-8788 x122 to find out more.

Realizing the American Dream

If you dream of owning your own home, it can become a reality if you set realistic goals, get sound advice, plan carefully, and understand the costs. This course, open to all first-time homebuyers will help you understand:

  1. The advantages of owning a home
  2. The steps to buying a home
  3. Mortgage payments and other costs of homeownership
  4. Credit and affordability
  5. If you are ready to own a home

Understanding Credit

Understanding credit is an important part of the homebuying process and financial security. Your credit demonstrates your ability to borrow money and pay it back. This class will teach you the importance of maintaining good credit and give you tools and tips to improve your credit rating. It will help you understand:

  1. Credit reports and repoting agencies
  2. Credit scores
  3. How to correct errors on a credit report
  4. How to address common credit problems
  5. Ways to establish credit
  6. How to manage debt
  7. Ways to reduce the risk of identity theft
  8. Your credit rights as a consumer

Managing your Money

Managing your personal finances wisely is an important part of the homebuying process and a critical step in achieving financial security. Buying a home may involve changing your spending habits so you can afford the routine costs of homeownership. This class will give you tips on how to manage your money so it doesn’t manage you. You will learn how to:

  1. Establish a realistic spending plan
  2. Set goals and create a spending plan to reach your goals
  3. Trim expenses and find ways to save

Austin Habitat for Humanity utilizes curriculum and training materials from the NeighborWorks Center for Homeownership Education and Counseling.

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